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Volunteer today for a cause, volunteers are essential to the success of the L.O.V.E. and the Y.O.V.E. initiatives. We seek individuals and companies that are passionate about the development and personal growth of the teenage girls.
The donation of your time and resources allow the organization to continue the important work of equipping the teenage girls to shine as women and the L.O.V.E. ladies to become self-sufficient thru employment success.

Be a Mentor. A Partner.

Your support will help strengthen the organization to continue with the after School Leadership Development Program throughout the year.

Your commitment directly reinforces the mission of Y.O.V.E. to equip, empower, mentor and develop one teenage girl at a time by providing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their futures. Your monetary contribution to support One Y.O.V.E. at a time is tax deductible and will assist Y.O.V.E. with:

  • Sponsor Y.O.V.E. programming initiatives
  • Back-To-School Supplies
  • Support one Y.O.V.E. with Prom Night
  • Career Day
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Y.O.V.E. Leadership Annual Summit

Be A Donor. A Sponsor.

Be All In today with Y.O.V.E. as your unwavering support truly makes a difference in the lives of the young underprivileged teenage girls we serve. Your monetary gift helps to:

  • Create teenage girls only environment where the Y.O.V.E. girls have the freedom to envision a more positive future with the program
  • Bring successful mentors together with the Y.O.V.E. girls to empower, build and enhance their skills
  • Connect the Y.O.V.E. girls to mentors in their fields of interests and expand their horizons to new areas
  • Ensure each Y.O.V.E. girl has the tools to grow up healthy, educated and confident
    Our volunteer mentors come from all walks of life, and put their individual experience and expertise to work for the greater good.

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Our volunteer mentors come from all walks of life and put their individual experience and expertise to work for the greater good.

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