About Y.O.V.E.

The Circle of Love Empowers Women and Girls, Inc. is a 501c3, DBA Youth of Valor Empowerment (YOVE)© , nonprofit organization who has been providing Mentorship Intervention and College Readiness Program for the public-school communities, teenage girls from 9 to 12 grades, living on underserved community since 2009. The YOVE Program is committed to providing solutions and resources to advance career and college readiness for at risks teenage girls in several public schools in Miami-Dade County. The YOVE team with combined experience in career and college readiness advising including 9-12 grades, to include counselors, collegiate financial aid advisors, student services, admissions, and community college access organizations and leadership. The participants come from different schools. The program is designed to cultivate and encourage high scholastic achievements through mentorship intervention and college readiness for all the YOVE participants. The YOVE Program has been investing in the future of the girls, (ages 14-18) by getting them interested on Academic Preparation that entails, study skills/text prep, the importance and the benefits of high GPA/text prep, how to speak effectively; Career preparation that entails life after high school, let’s see the big picture, career assessment; employability skills, job shadows and internship; college selection and the application process. Scholarship process and how to apply for scholarship, college and or a career in public safety and more

The Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.), is an after school, Leadership Development Program of the Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.) geared toward mentoring, coaching, developing and equipping underprivileged, at risks teen girls, ages 14-18, attending public schools in under-resourced communities.


The YOVE Program has created three important organizational goals for the girls:

To increase career preparation readiness, mentorship intervention for the YOVE Program participants from grades 9-12
To increase high school graduation and college readiness rates among all the Y.O.V.E. participants to 100%
To increase the college acceptance and attendance rate of all the Y.O.V.E. participating girls up to 100%
The I AM Y.O.V.E. Program has a lifelong positive impact and inspires the Y.O.V.E. girls who take part in the program throughout their high school years.

The I AM Y.O.V.E. Program provides:

  • The Program provides a beautiful and very impressive uniform for the YOVE’s to help build their self-esteem up while their learn on how to dress for empowerment
  • Emotional support/performance thru dance/poetry/singing/counseling
  • Participates at Mental wellness educational and Summit
  • Financial literacy, homework assistance, employment readiness
  • Leadership skills, career and guidance education
  • College/university readiness tour
  • Shop with major retails in collaboration with the North Miami Police Athletic League (P.A.L.)
  • Volunteerism/Civic Engagement
  • Perform at the L.O.V.E. Annual National Women’s History Month
  • Nutrition/Reproductive Health
  • Environment and Global
  • Participate and attend fieldtrips/casual and formal events

I AM Y.O.V.E. Inspiring all the girls to feel Smart.Beautiful.Confident

The I AM Y.O.V.E. Program has a lifelong positive impact and inspires the I AM Y.O.V.E. girls who take part in the program throughout their high school years.

The I AM Y.O.V.E Program changes the direction of girls lives and prepares them for a distinguished career in life.

Y.O.V.E. Dress for Empowerment


Y.O.V.E. Wellness Initiative

The wellness initiative supports and promotes the whole health of the girls, using a philosophy which recognizes that many factors, including physical and mental wellness, contribute to girls’ health. Y.O.V.E. provides a positive youth development approach to equipping girls with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and support for maintaining a positive sense of self and for being healthy today and throughout their lives. The Wellness initiative focus on:

  • Physical Activity: Every girl can find a type of physical activity that she not only enjoys, but that also accommodates her lifestyle, culture, and schedule.
  • Body Image: Girls of all shapes, sizes, weights, and capabilities have the right to feel good about their bodies and appreciate the bodies of others.
  • Nutrition: It is possible for girls to identify a strategy for healthy eating that works for each individual’s body, circumstance, budget, home life, culture, and activity level.
  • Stress Management: It is important for girls to understand that stress is a normal and acceptable part of life, and that handling stress in a healthy way is a key factor in having a strong and healthy body and mind

Y.O.V.E. Interactive and Social Learning Field trips

The social fieldtrips are always very entertaining for the Y.O.V.E. teens where they become the center of attention by performing songs they learn at the program throughout the year, recite poetry, singing the American National Anthem and dance. Learning and fun make a great combination to help boost their morale and self-esteem.

Field trips are considered fun, but the YOVE teens learn as well, whether they realize it or not. The fieldtrips serve as a powerful motivator for the girls, stirring up excitement as the trip approaches. Breaking away from the everyday routine provides them with excitement that makes them more focused back in the classroom.


Y.O.V.E. Group Empowerment & Mentoring

Statistics show that children, including teenagers, with positive role models in their lives tend to make better choices. Important to the success of the mentors who provide guidance to the young girls. Mentors share their personal experiences and help guide the Y.O.V.E. girls to a healthy and happy future.


Y.O.V.E Dress for Empowerment-Image Coaching-Etiquette

The Y.O.V.E. Dress for Empowerment addresses the importance of proper dress and image as it relates to the public, interviewing and business situations. Information is shared about the difference between business attire and business casual. The Y.O.V.E. girls learn to appreciate behaviors beyond clothing choices that contribute to a positive image including body language, vocal tones, and personal habits.

Y.O.V.E. Speaks

The YOVE girls learn how to develop strong communication skills, feeling comfortable and confident when speaking in public or in a private Settings. This session covers the elements of developing a speech, overcoming anxiety of public speaking and how to communicate with poise, clarity and confidence. The girls learn how to make good first impression, greetings and introduction to help boost morale and self-confidence.


Y.O.V.E. Economic Literacy

Y.O.V.E. girls learn how to earn, save, spend, and share money are critical economic concepts essential to the future success of the girls. They gain the knowledge of economic and financial literacy. Prepares them for entering the world of work by helping them examine topics such as attitudes and values about money, career strategies, economic justice and workers’ rights, paycheck deductions, responsible use of credit and avoiding predatory lenders, renting vs. buying, and investing.